So, how is your new phone? Missing something? Okay, I got it right; a classy phone case is missing. Nevertheless, don’t go to the supermall to buy your next phone case without apt knowledge about the benchmarks against which the ideal deal for phone covers should be looked upon. Since, the time the revolution in phones have come live, the need for trendy phone cases has also emerged simultaneously. But, do you know an amusing fact? Today, people tend to change their phone cases at a much greater pace than they buy new phones. Gone are the days when one phone case would suffice till its last breath. The growing fashion requisites have made a vogue of a matching and new phone cover with every new dress. Girls now don’t come back home after they buy a dress, instead, they pave their way to that classy and elegant shop which sells the best cases in town! 

But, pretty ladies, do you know one thing, there are a number of things you should consider while buying a good quality phone case. Though the objective can differ from a person to the other as some are there to protect their phone and hence, go for the flip cover! Whilst others might drool over the looks and go for all the classy and cool stuff available from the top notch elegant pop sockets to high quality breaded ones. Peeperly is here to clear the cloud, read the article ahead to know what all points have to be kept in mind. 


Whatever may your cup of tea to put forth a fashion statement be, Peeperly has everything ready in store, and it’s surely your call!

  1. Protection 

Among the most prevalent mistakes encountered by cell phone techs is broken panels. Each time you break your mobile, there is indeed a chance of a disintegrated display, particularly if it is not protected by a screen protector. If the mobile begins to fall on its corners at an odd stance instead the effect is magnified.

  1. Material 

Phone cases are available in a variety of different materials. Though people prefer to go for the Pc cases, let’s see if Polycarbonate phone case is good or bad. Polycarbonate is one of them; it is chosen by a lot many people due to its influence towards resistance. PC cases are hard - wearing, and yet also adaptable, weatherproof and reasonably priced. Furthermore, they are furnished in custom ways and have an option of varied colors with innovative designs. To provide them another level of security from scratches, they are generally layered with a scratch resistant coating. And, it is certainly a go for option if you want an all in one pact. 

Whereas, other commonly used material is silicone, a soft material having an amazing shock absorbing feature. Furthermore, the gentle, rubber surface of silicone mobile phone cases makes them easy to grip. 

  1. Looks 

If appearance is important to oneself, you should take into account translucent covers, carbon peelings, or skinny suited cases. There are three main advantages to purchasing these kind of smart phone cases: You can experiment with different color schemes, styles, and visuals. They shield your mobile phone from filth, lubricants, and dusts, preventing them from accumulating on your device. Those who also can soak up shocks to a certain level, protecting your phone's screen from harm.

Captivating the mobile is a continuing problem for relatively new mobile phones with crystal back sides, which can affect the possibility of unforeseen falls.

  1. Features and characteristics 

Cellphones have changed greatly throughout the some years, but so have cell phone equipment. Water-resistant and rounded devices are now available, as are liquid detaching mobile covers with military defense. From so much high grade options available today such as carrying a battery pack cover, mirror, rubber plugged water resistant covers to the index continuing to infinity. 

  1. Event friendly 

The youth icons today prefer to be ready with everything on point from clothes to footwear to accessories which has now been joined by the suitable phone cases as well. From wide variety of options available today such as the normal printed covers for an office routine to the pop socket one for amazing parties to the elegant bracelet and chain covers that can leave people wonderstruck everytime you carry it. 

  1. Durability

You must be wondering which cover is best for mobile, whether soft or hard. The answer depends from an individual to the other. If you want to protect your phone against scratches and odds then a hard cover will do the needful. Whereas, if your objective is to protect it against shock absorption the soft one would definitely be a good choice. 


Choosing right phone case can be a difficult task if you want to solve a variety of purposes. There is no surefire step to generate your mobile completely secure. To stop wasting big bucks on maintenance, it's indeed wise to take preventative measures to safeguard your mobile. Nonetheless, with innumerable range of mobile covers available in the market it gets difficult to set your heart on one that would prove its mettle. Everything comes down to gauging and appraising your needs and deciding which ones to prioritize: security, layout and styling, or performance characteristics.

Peeperly offers a wide selection of cell phone cases from which to choose the one that best meets your requirements and desires.

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