Pop Sockets

    About Popsockets:

    David Barnett, a philosophy professor launched popsockets in 2014. Popsockets make entrusting, fun, and dapper accessories that help your phone use better. Popsockets are sold for more than 230$ million worldwide. 

    Our mission is to bring you girly popsockets online on a single platform that is accessible to all you lovely ladies. We know you desire products that are relatable and bring positivity with style. We are constantly working for better tech-savvy products for you. These designs are super cute, eco-friendly, and eye-grabbing.

    Popsockets in Peeperly. in:

    Popsockets are noticed worldwide and why not? With modernization, the world has realized that smartphone accessories are today’s need. You will see every newly launched phone has something bigger and better like an HD+ screen, foldable phones, etc. But they slip out of your hands when you grip them. Here is where you need a PopGrip. A good popsocket ensures safety first and if it is stylish it is the cherry on the cake.

    Peepely brings you the best phone grips available online. We have ample colorful, patterns, designs, and a cool collection of pop grips. Check out more on our website, you will know for yourself. 

    Cute PopGrips in Peeperly:

    Cute popsockets for girls are trending these days and we are here to cater you to with specifically designed popsockets with a single purpose. It is easy to buy popsockets for a phone these days. Just click on the popsockets segment and pick what you love. 

    We are super delighted to bring you animal prints, smileys, mirrors, metal, and other material popsockets. Peeperly’s team is solely dedicated to customizing newly designed cute popsockets online in India. Our team champions in their own accord in chic phone accessories online.

    Do you know Popsockets are interchangeable? Now you can swap pop grips according to your mood, day, and place. It adds style and easy access to your phone. Not just phones why not add PopGrips to your vanity mirror. Get mirror popsockets online in India for easy lip balm application and many more. Swap them in seconds. Click and try out swapping popsockets in a mere go.

    What do you swap?

    No need to buy another PopGrip every time. Just swap the PopTop. You can check many options on the site.

    What qualities Popsocket should have?

    Provides quicker and better grip: When you pick your phone when it rings popsockets should add ease. There should be zero risk while holding your phone.

    Convenient for binge-watching: Gone were the days when you have to hold your phone for longer hours. It is irritating when you hold your phone and watch media. Just keep it safely on the table with popsocket and binge-watch your favorite web series.

    Even it acts as a stand. When you sleep keep your phone horizontally with a pop grip on and see who’s calling you without picking up the phone.

    Great for selfies: Slide your index and middle finger in the popsocket and enjoy your steady selfies. It is cool to have groupies and family pictures on the go.

    Detangling of earphones: Keep your earphones detangled by wrapping earphones around a popsocket. 

    Benefits of buying a popsocket:

    • Additional Grip
    • Perfect for selfies
    • Act as a Stand
    • Cool Designs
    • Great Management System

    Why Choose Peeperly’s?

    All the benefits are shared above. You will not resist yourself once you buy with us. We have huge quality designed products that cater according to our customers. We believe in customer satisfaction and don‚Äôt limit you with choices. The ‚ÄúCompromise‚ÄĚ word is not in our dictionary. You can ask us for more and are happy to help.