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Phone charms are magic, and if you just stumbled into this rabbithole, congratulations.. you're about to discover something truly incredible. 

We express ourselves in a variety of ways, whether it's through music or through art or through any one of the millions other ways that exist, but one thing's for sure.. whatever way we choose, expressing ourselves fully is the best gift we can give to the people around us.

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For us, fashion has been our dominant mode of expression. Our unrelenting quest to discover the fashion to best express our ever growing personalities is what led us to start Peeperly. If I had to venture a guess, I'd say you prefer that vehicle as well, don't you? 

It's a good vehicle, don't get us wrong, but it's a pain in the ass sometimes.

It's certainly true for clothes.

I mean sure, we have different outfits for different moods, but most of them don't quite define us, and besides.. there's always that one piece we want but can't afford. 

But while buying new clothes can be expensive as hell and takes time and effort, there's more than just one avenue to upgrade your look.

Accessories are the way to go.

They're lightweight, affordable, easier to find and the variety you get with them is endless.

The best part?

They complete your look. 

These little details are what make your outfit pop out.

Or better put.. 

"Clothes without accessories is like sex without orgasm." 

 - Robert Lee Morris


The big C word is finally over (and will hopefully stay that way), we can finally go out, and as you prepare for this summer, we've got the perfect accessory for you.


phone charms india
Phone charms are making a comeback, and we are here for it.

You know, it's a fun time whenever something we grew up watching makes a comeback, but this particular Y2k revamp is taking things to another level.  

And we should be grateful for it, because it didn't come easy. We did some research, and apparently fashionistas all over the world have been aching for this revival for a while now.

Here's an interesting comment from back in 2009 I stumbled upon: 

"It is a shame that most of the smartphones and other phones out nowadays can't be as easily decorated as phones from a decade or so ago. Maybe over time some new kind of decorating trend will come out that will pick up where charms left off."

Crazy, huh?

Well I guess we finally made it. 

Scroll down till the end to see the best variety of phone charms available on the internet, but it certainly didn't start this way.

There have been (failed) attempts for a while now.

Check out this excerpt from a blog back in 2014:

The only problem is that it looks pretty ugly. I understand the whole cell phone charm thing and wanting to customize the look of your phone, but the adhesive button is just unsightly--it looks like your iPhone has a growth coming out of it.

Apparently the Japanese tried to stick these ugly buttons back in the days when phone covers weren't as popular, and you know, fair enough.. this is what they looked like:

But hey, they're finally here now, and they've taken the world by a storm, with the world's biggest influencers rocking it, everyone from Gigi and Kendall Jenner to Miley Cyrus and J Lo.

If you've been surfing the web looking into the phone charms for a while now you must've already seen this, but damn what a glorious comeback.

Source: Kendall Jenner
Source: Gigi Hadid

Source: Miley Cyrus

 Now personally, I'm a big Dua Lipa stan, and seeing her flaunting a phone charm, I flipped out. I wanted one now. Desperately.

Phone charms: You want me
Literally everyone else: I want you baby

I've been getting into phone charms recently, and idk.. I feel like they just might be the perfect accessory. I mean, they're an extension to your phone, but as cheesy as it sounds, they're also an extension to your personality, know what I mean?

It's a window into your personal world. You can use the phone charms to display your interests, reflect how you feel and even showcase your personality to the world. 

In a lot of ways, they're like a tiny preview to who you are. Hell, if you ask me, I'd say that having a charm on your phone is the new wearing your heart on the sleeve. 

It's not just an accessory. It's a ✨fashion statement✨

Besides, it's a great icebreaker if you think about it. 

It may be the attractive girl sitting next to you or the cool guy in your dms, but they're probably just as nervous as you and having something interesting to talk about can be the difference between having a date with them versus just daydreaming what it could've been.

According to the data from Google, searches for phone charms went up 657% since last year. Interest for the other keyword "phone straps" shot up by 1258%

If you still haven't gotten one, you're late to the party and missing out big time.

From a casual get-together to a late night party, it's the one accessory that goes with every occasion, and with the variety we have here at Peeperly, you'll have one for every mood.

What else can I say?

I love them. 

They're a must have for every millennial and Gen Z's collection, and for a good reason. They're incredibly popular all over the world, but the trend is here to stay, and I'd rather be one of the early adopters than the last ones on the bus.

We have an entire collection dedicated to phone charms, and if you're considering buying one, you owe it to yourself to check it out.

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