From protecting the phone from any kind of damage to putting forth a fashion statement, mobile phone covers are what that strikes the mind. You might need it for rocking a lively party to working out tons of files; these are the must have essentials of the modern busy world, where digitalization is doing the rounds. This flick and lit complementary parcel is sufficient to take your breath away with their decent and mesmerising styling sense of innovation. As much as mobile phones are pivotal mobile cases are as well. Cell phone cases are available in a variety of designs and innovative textures today globally. Some with beautiful flowery patterns to some with beads and beautiful bracelets attached alongside.

But, the sober and simple dads and moms out there want to keep things light and hence, generally prefer to land into purchasing those clear and transparent phone cases. Moreover, if you are the one who is very choosy and picky when it comes to purchasing the covers, you can also go for the clear covers. One reason behind the same stands to be that you can customize them as per your wish and willingness. From getting that beautiful charismatic picture you clicked a few days back to the back of your cover or to make it a store of wealth, this can prove to me multipurpose arrangement for sure.

Nevertheless, what if it gets dirty or filthy? Of course not, you cannot buy a mobile case every when and then. At the same time you cannot carry a dirty cover also, the answer for the same then arrives is to clean it. Wiping the dirt off with a wet cotton lobe or cloth can get to your rescue. Though what if they are stubborn yellow strains? Read the article ahead as Peeperly provides you an apt solution for the same. 


Following tips and tricks can certainly prove to be of immense importance. Have a glance folks!

1. Dish washing soap can prove to be useful

Shocked? Don’t be, dish washing soap has every solution to help you shine in every walk of life.

a) Take a bowl of lukewarm water and add a few droplets of liquid dish soap.

b) Thoroughly mix the formed solution.

c) Use a toothbrush to rub the formed paste on the entire case area to get the clean view again.

d) Once rubbed, cleanse it with some water and dry it using a cloth piece of a cushioned soft material.

e) When you are done with all the above mentioned steps, you will get your translucent classy case back.

2. Clean by using detergent powder

Detergent has been used since time immemorial to bring the lost shine of clothes, shoes and what not. So, here we are with the following technique with a bit of twist:

a) Dip the stained phone case in lukewarm water containing a tablespoon detergent, for some time.

b) After that scrub the stain using a toothbrush, till it appears to lightens.

c) Keep the case in the solution for some good time such as 5 or 10 minutes.

d) When done, place them inside the washing machine on the low spin mode. Next, pour in some vinegar in the washing compartment.

e) Thereafter, dry it using a dryer or keep them in the properly ventilated room for some time. 

3. A homemade cleansing paste can do wonders

Taking out time solely for getting a cleansing paste from the busy schedule can create a lot of hustle. With the same thinking line try out this homemade cleansing paste, follow these easy steps:

a) Form a consistency of following four components by stirring it; one tablespoon of; hot water, liquid soap, baking soda and vinegar.

b) Remove the phone case and apply the paste on the stained area. Rub it thoroughly for a minute or so, until it lightens.

c) Once done, wash it with warm water and keep them in a properly ventilated room for drying.

d) Dry it with a wiped cloth.

4. Use bicarbonate soda to cleanse

Baking soda is certainly very effective on a variety of spots, but it cannot promise that it will eliminate all of those.

a) Begin with simply dusting baking soda well over screen protector cover's face to apply the phone cover cleanup trick and technique.

b) Next, massage the baking soda further into the affected area with a moist brush.

c) Wash the sprinkled soda and wipe with a gentle towel.

d) To eliminate the excess bicarbonate soda present in the cover, repeat the method described in the above mentioned step of action.

5. Use rubbing liquor to clean the phone case

a) Dechlorination of the device's accessories such as earphones and mobile cover in a constant schedule is a healthy activity to develop.

b) This is also a good way to keep your screen protector from getting yellow.

c) Cover the cell phone's cover with rubbing alcohol using a sprayer or a delicate towel saturated in liquor.

d) Once the cell phone cover has been covered, wipe it with a fresh cloth or a cotton pad.

e) Allow it to settle for a given period prior reinstalling that on the smart phone.

f) Although it does not erase the yellow discoloration, it will be bacteria-free and much more sanitary.


The above tips and tricks give you an insight into how to clear the phone case from yellow stains. Peeperly has taken an initiative to provide you some quick techniques, try the methods. Say goodbye to stubborn stains!

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