8 Best iPhone Cases for Women in 2022 - Buying Guide

stylish iphone cases for girls

iPhone is love! Whether you are from the generation of iPhone 13 Pro Max or any previous generations, you surely need an iPhone case for your device to keep it sound. iPhones are getting upgraded with time, and we a tough, water-resistant, anti-shock durable glass screen product. We always keep it safe, but what if it accidentally drops?

iPhone cases market is vast. You need the one that is protective and stylish. You don't want a bulky case, do you? Well, we know you might have one for your Apple. Are you sure it is safe and reliable? 

We are not confusing you. Upgrading covers is a great thing to do. They look stylish, feel good and keep phones safe. 

We know when an iPhone falls, it's always in slow motion. Otherwise, how will you feel your heart out? It is when we are helplessly watching our expensive gadget broken into pieces. 

Have you signed for an Apple Care? To avoid this situation, we did a survey where 90% of iPhone female users (including media and working professionals) informed us about what they like in iPhone cases.

Today, this article is solely dedicated to all the pretty girls out there. You are chic, my dear friend! And we know you are looking for some stylish iPhone cases for girls in 2022. Well, Peeperly have covered the 8 best iPhone covers on your demand. 

After all, we love to upgrade our dresses, watches, shoes, and phone cases, right!

Here are the 8 Best iPhone Case for Girls in 2022:

Shattered displays are avoidable only if you pick the soundest protective cell phone case. So, you should choose one made of shock-bearer material like silicone or rubber. It is best if it covers the phone edges nicely. 

Especially if you are a butter finger lady, go for durable cases that will protect your phone from dents and scratches.

Do you need to pick between style and safety? Well, not a smart girl can have both features in one. 

Trending iPhone case designs for girls are hard to find. The reason is there are so many designs available in the market. What to pick? No need to juggle, just stay tuned!

What’s Hot?

Label iPhone Case with Smile Popsocket 

Label cases are fascinating pieces that portray your thinking. This phone case comes with a cute smiling popsocket which provides all-around protection.

Why do we love it?

Soft material




Geometric Marble Texture Electroplated Case

It is one of the best phone cases for everyday use and the most-picked. It has a shock-absorbing capacity and secures your phone. It has a slim grip design and looks too cute on hands. This electroplated case comes in the category of cute iPhone cases for girls. And we love it!

They are mostly out of stock due to demand and can be availed in many colors. You can customize these marble texture phone cases by adding phone charms, keyrings, or cardholders. 

Why do we love it?

Slim-Grip Design

Looks attractive


Goes with every outfit


Smile Silicone Case with Phone Holder

It is the chicest phone for fun-loving girls. If you are love to smile and want everyone to be happy around you, this case is for you. These iPhone cases and covers for girls are designed by fashionistas who know what girls like. 

This case has a silicone holder at the back that provides extra grip. Just slide your palm in to hold better. You can use this phone holder as a stand for binge-watchers.

Why do we love it?


Provides Extra grip

Shock resistant



Lots of color options

Shining Wallet Cross Body Chain Case

Glitters are catchy! They are super chic and a hot pick amongst college-going girls and party animals. These iPhone back covers for girls are for an extrovert, mind it. It has a chain attached that can be crossed over the body and used as a sling. The back flap is a pocket to store money and cards while you are out. 

These are streamlined cases that count protection and grip to your hands. They are super attractive and feel nice to hold. You will be the standout person amongst the crowd after owing one. And we mean it! No need to carry a wallet now. Just grab this piece!

Why do we love it?


Perfect for party lovers


It can be used as a wallet

Has chain for hands-free opt

Floral Print Hybrid Matte Anti Shock Case

These are the most attractive iPhone cases for girls. Floral prints give a girly vibe. It has an extra silicone layer at the edges to protect it better. Also, the floral prints are in 3D and imitate real flowers. They come in clear cases so the original look of the phone is intact.

Why do we love it?

Better grip

Girly look

Shock resistant

High quality and smooth finish


Gold Plating Metal Ring Case

This Apple case is made of soft TPU teamed with a metallic ring. It has unique gold plating around the edges that adds grip and texture to the phone. It is perfect for working professionals and minimalists. 

Why do we love it?


Ultra-soft and polished

Adjustable metallic ring

Classy appeal

Crossbody Handbag Silicone Wallet Case

A crossbody handbag case is all you need for a brunch with your friends. This handbag cum sling can stuff your phone and money in one pocket. It is luxurious and extravagant.

Why do we love it?

Wallet cum card holder

No Scratches

Have a detachable chain

No wear and tear

Girl Boss Print Mirror Case

Ah! It is the one you stop by. We know you are the boss lady and loves to control your life. Get this acrylic mirror iPhone cover for uniqueness. It adds a better grip and protects your phone from any issues.

Why do we love it?

Support wireless charging





Easy to use

Bonus : Here we have one of our best selling bracelet case  : Aesthetic Artsy Painted Soft TPU Case with Bracelet

That’s all, lovely ladies. We would like to hear from you now. What will you choose from the above list? Let us know.

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