how to change apple watch strap


Knowingly, watches are now not used for what they are made, obviously watching time. With the globalisation making it to the global peak some things has seen a very drastic change. Of course, fashion being one of them. This era of fashion freaks is nothing but a race where people put forth their best foot forward so that they can secure that fashion dude picture frame. With the advancement in clothes, accessories and from every basic to crucial need, watches too made it to the list. Being a way to help you stand out from the crowd and shine some brands made it to the show. But, what else? Definitely, the Apple watch segment has been able to steal the show with innumerable people being in the luxurious trap of its elegant and classy style of innovation. 

Apple watches have certainly been able to pave their way directly into the hearts of people out there. With many possible reasons for the same such as its look and tempting design to numerous features it has in hold for the people. Nevertheless, imagine, you get up a day and give a sigh that ugh you have to wear the same watch today also! Your mood gets low and you feel like life is riding on the sledge of furnishing boredom. Let Peeperly help you with a magic wand they have just to delight all the lovely customers. We certainly cannot bear your sad faces! 

Good news in store is you can change your Apple watch’s strap and make it slay at every occasion. But, what if it gets inaccurate breaks it apart or something bad happens. Readers, when Peeperly is at your rescue why are you even worrying! 

Read the article ahead to know how you can change the strap easily and safely:

The Apple Watch is compatible using three types of straps. The foremost is the standard silicon athletic strap that clicks into or out of the device. The other is a stainless steel connectivity bracelet which could be modified by adding or extracting pieces, comparable to bracelets and beads watches. The Milanese Ring, which would be likewise composed of stainless steel, is indeed the third category.  Because the strap varies the techniques involved differ as well, they all have their very own method of detaching out from casing. The following instructions will show you how to replace out every kind of band:


  1. Lie down the front of the watch dial on a clean and smooth surface so as to resist it against any scratches. 
  2. One of the rectangular keys on the back side of the watch has to be pressed and glide the strap against the surface. 
  3. If the button is tight and steady, use a paper click to press it 
  4. You are all set to go now, press the band and wait to hear the click sound you were longing to. 


  1. Check that the butterfly clasp is sealed. If that's not, pull in single edge of the clasp at a moment till you touch and sound a snap.
  2. Keep your fingers just on fast removing mechanism underneath the wrist band. You would only have to press one of the two icons.
  3. Try pulling the linkages apart when continuing to press the rapid trigger icon. Whenever removing the strap from the wristwatch, carefully split it into two portions.
  4. Push the ring eject pedal downwards to pull the bracelet along and out of the casing.
  5. While inserting a new option, never push the strap into it. Drag the elastic towards the sides if you do not however sense or feel a snap. 
  6. If indeed the wristband is designed correctly, it would not output shaft until you continue holding the bands' eject button.
  7. If the ring is not yet clicking into fit, centre it and press it into position. Twist the ribbon vertically and horizontally gently to verify it's tight. If the strap of your watch is slipping about, you must not carry it. 


The Milanese Loop is created so that you could quickly slip the strap via the band adapter, or hook, that is attached to the casing to replace the strap. It’s so easy that we know you can do it smoothly in just a single go. Get set go Apple lovers!


An Apple watch never forgets to put forth the vogue you were looking for. It demonstrates that you are up to date with the current innovation. It also exhibits your custom trend, nevertheless you can amp up the look with the interchangeable watch straps, Peeperly has to offer its pretty customers. Don't be afraid if wearables are a crucial component of your attire. Peeperly presents a wonderful assortment of wristbands in a combination of vibrant or subtle colors, motifs, styles, and materials. With a variety of strap options, you may customize your Apple timepiece to your clothing, a particular event, or the weather. Please remember that the method you modify things can differ, therefore attentively go about the principles behind these layout to discover what operates best for you.

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